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About the conference

Mobius is a technical conference for mobile developers, which gathers over 600 attendees each year.

No marketing, management and documentation retelling, only tech talks held by the experts:

  • Platforms (iOS / Android) and languages (Swift / Kotlin / Java) under the hood;
  • Software Craftsmanship (different practices and approaches in application development and frameworks);
  • Clean Code (architectural patterns, legacy, and technical debt, refactoring);
  • Product quality (performance, UI/UX, security);
  • Mobile development trends (Kotlin / Native and Flutter, goodies from WWDC and Google I/O, open source solutions);
  • Infrastructure (build systems, CI/CD, DevOps, Continuous testing).

Discussion zones, evening BOF sessions and the party as an opportunity to hang out with world-class experts and several hundred colleagues.

Discussion zone

Discussion zone

Special areas to chat with speakers during the coffee breaks. No censorship, no panic, no time limit.

BOF sessions


Discussions with no leaders or speakers. The very secret place where the new ideas are born to define the future.