How to develop a feature on your own and not get fired

Day 1 /  / Track 1  /  RU / For practicing engineers

Were you ever working on your company's app when suddenly you get an idea for an awesome new feature? You know it is a game-changer, but when you ask around for support and approval to develop it you hit roadblocks. "We don't have the resources." "It's just not a priority right now." Employees who are intimately familiar with a company's product are best-placed to identify and design the best features for an app, but sometimes policies and procedures can get in the way. But where there's a will there's a way! The world is conquered by rebels and courageous people — the Empire's fate is to be fallen! If you know the feature is essential but don't have the authorization to continue, it's vital you carefully balance your creative freedom with respect to your company's priorities.

In this talk Yonatan will share his experience of how to develop a feature without approval and not be fired/maimed/killed by your manager.