Universal links — tons of pitfalls

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Both Google and Apple claim that the so called universal links can be used on their platform. According to the plan, by clicking this link user will get to the app, if it's installed, or to the website, if it's not.

In reality, if you precisely follow the instructions, there will be more problems than solutions.

What if there is no such function in the mobile version of the website? What if the link is opened in WebView? What if the new version of the app supports this function, but the old one not? How to minify links and not to break anything? How to direct users with no app to the App Store and not to the website? How to make the thing to which the link was directing open after the download?

All this gets more complicated by the fact that right after the universal links are launched, there is no way back. They have to be supported, and perhaps your mistakes will stay with you forever.

Not to get this "forever" mistakes, we offer you this talk. We expect that after it you will get enough information to launch a modern system of universal links in your company from scratch with no doubts or problems.