Void of the Legacy: The strategy of drastic improvements in a software project

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There is one swear word: "legacy". Every developer meets it regularly. And even worse, every current project becomes legacy once the team stops the technical debt payments. We are going to talk about the terminal case, like a mobile project having more than 5 years of active development.

You'll learn:

  • How to know your debt
  • How to come up with a refactoring plan
  • How to perform it easily

We'll use Java for code, but it will have almost no Android specific, so iOS engineers are welcome as well.

A little theory, a lot of practice, a pinch of statistics, funny pictures — all that we love.

We'll migrate from plain old SQLite to GreenDAO, from plain old Apache HttpClient to Retrofit, from AsyncTasks to RxJava, from findViewByld to MVVM and much more!