Talks Mobius 2021 Moscow

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Ilmir Usmanov JetBrains
Ilmir Usmanov
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Kotlin IR: past, present & future

Ilmir will tell why the company started to develop new backends, why they decided to rewrite half of the compiler, what problems they encountered and what their future plans are.

George Emelyanov Apalon
George Emelyanov
Nikolay Dmitriev Apalon
Nikolay Dmitriev
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Not the best project for KMM

Nikolay and Georgy will talk about the Shaped graphic editor for logos, which is based on KMM technology, and KMM usage was mandatory.

Nikita Tipun Delivery Club
Nikita Tipun
Delivery Club 
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How to brew declarative tea

Nikita will describe how to pick an architecture fitting for Jetpack Compose and combine them together in a project.

Pavlo Stavytskyi Spotify
Pavlo Stavytskyi
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Automated migration of Android applications to Bazel

During this session we will talk about the automated migration of Android applications to the Bazel build system. We will see how to write a custom Gradle plugin that will execute the migration of the project. In addition, we will take a look at Kotlin DSL for declarative and type-safe code generation of Bazel build scripts.

Nikolay Pakhomov SberDevices
Nikolay Pakhomov
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Ways of using hidden System API in Android Vendor development

In this talk, Nikolai will describe the methods by which the company used the hidden system code when developing applications for their devices.

Mikhail Rubanov Dodo Engineering
Mikhail Rubanov
Dodo Engineering 
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Accessibility is the top of technology

Mikhail will show you how blind and paralyzed people use phones and tell you what needs to be done to adapt the applications.

This talk will be about code, but about interfaces.