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Accessibility is the top of technology

Day 2


Michail is the author of the book "About iOS Accessibility" and would like to enthuse the rest of us about this interesting topic. He will show how speech synthesis, multitouch, head tracking, ML and a dozen sensors in phones and watches make the lives of thousands of people much more productive.

It takes very little to adapt apps. The first step is to learn about what you can do to make your apps accessible. The second step is to read a book. The third step is to try it yourself.

Michail will show how blind people use the phone, how a graphical interface turns into an audio one, how the phone screen becomes a trackpad. He will teach how to use VoiceOver and tell you how to make interfaces accessible for the blind and paralyzed.

The talk will be of interest to iOS programmers and designers. There are minimum code, maximum interfaces and maximum human interaction with computers.

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