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Building a production ready Chat SDK using Jetpack Compose

Day 1


In this session, we'll talk about how the Stream Jetpack Compose team built the world's first Jetpack Compose Chat SDK that offers fully customizable and reusable components, with default implementations that are easy to integrate.

We'll cover some of the challenges we met along the way and why we put so much trust into a technology that only recently became stable and what our experience was using it in its beta versions or what changed between the beta and the official 1.0.

Finally, we'll touch upon the API and component design and what decisions the team made to allow for both default behavior and UI and a rich set of customization options for our users, from basic theming, action handler, state management, lifecycle all the way to complex and fully customizable Slot APIs.

If you've been looking for a real-world example of Jetpack Compose being awesome and making someone's life easier, you've come to the right place! :]

  • #android
  • #jetpack
  • #declarativeui


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