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CI, l10n and two development teams: how to setup continuous localization and stop killing people

Day 2


Maria has been in iOS development since 2014. Almost every project (with the exception of small MVPs) has had adventures with string mapping.Somewhere you just had to add UTF for apocryphal characters, and somewhere you had to translate the app into Arabic, and at the same time redraw the entire layout from right to left. The most striking experience was on a project where the strings were changed three times a day, just to see how the tone of voice in the app changed.

With time (and competition) comes the understanding that tone of voice in mobile application is not just a fad of UX-designers, but a real and effective tool for interaction with target audience.

That said, in order to properly conduct UX research related to tone of voice, it's necessary to update lines within the app frequently and extensively - a task that causes headaches for most developers, especially when it comes to synchronizing two or more platforms (iOS, Android, Web). The task, while seemingly simple, is non-trivial at all levels. The talk will highlight the problems that developers (both iOS and Android) who are just planning to introduce line management into the project can face, and suggest a few ways of solving it, so as not to step on the rake.

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