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Code Born to Die

Day 4


If you don't know what AB/Feature toggle is, you have a great chance to learn it and get it into your project. You'll also find out when it all starts working for your case.

But if you've already started a feature, it's time to deliver it to the user. Do you do it by hand? The speaker will tell you how to simplify your work with the bot, and spend your free time doing something useful. Roman's team uses a bot in Slack that can do many things, and Roman will tell how you can do the same.

And finally, death. The feature is obsolete, it's time to kill it. Or leave it in the way of everyone's life? This talk will show the mechanisms, which allow you to remember to remove the old code, and tell how these tools help your business.

Roman will give practical advice, simple but very useful in everyday work.

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