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Roundtable: Do We Need Code Reviews?

Day 1


Code Review is one of the oldest and most important processes in software development. However, lately doubts about the necessity of this tool have started to appear.

At present, at least in mobile development, there are many alternative tools of code quality control: tests, linters, code analyzers, etc. If you use these tools wisely, the necessity of Code Review is at least reduced, and at most disappears altogether. But the disadvantages that have always been present in the Code Review process are still there: overburdening of experienced developers, waste of time, subjectivity of code quality estimate, potential conflicts. So do we still need Code Reviews?

Though this statement of the question sounds a bit unorthodox, we would like to discuss this topic at the round table. Many people will be interested to know how the Code Review process is built in different companies. Surely there will be both supporters and opponents of the Code Review process, which will lead to an interesting discussion.

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